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Twist in the Tale: 150 Word Twisted Micro

Start Date: August 17, 12:00 AM (UTC)

End Date: August 17, 11:59 PM (UTC)

Word Limit: 150


All Prizes:

Results Due: October 10, 12:00 AM (UTC)

Early Entry Price: $15.00

Early entry price remains until July 29, 12 AM, then increases by $5.

Why Join In?

Unique Prompts

All entrants share a main genre but will be given a twisted subgenre (unusual) from a pool of ten. Entrants will also get either an event/character/object/subject (depending on the contest) that they must include. They can reroll subgenre and subject three times each. For example, if thriller is the main genre, you might get occult detective as your subgenre. Rerolling that might give you cyberpunk, environmental, etc. Example Genre.

Community and Support

Join writing groups, participate in beta reading, share stories (anonymously, if you prefer), and add friends so you can message them. Participate in weekly challenges to earn rewards and credits, saving you money on the contests. You can even create writing projects to track your words written and share your progress on your profile.

Retain Your Rights

We don't ask for any rights to your story. In fact, after stories go to judging, we'll help you find a home for them. Use our submission wizard to find publishers and track your submissions. You can track custom stories, too. We'll even help you write your cover letter if needed.

Fair and Transparent Judging

Receive true insight into how your story was scored. You'll see why judges scored your story how they did. Plus, there's an option for more in-depth judges' feedback.

Pets and Rewards

Choose between one of three unique pets to represent you on the forums. Earn new outfits and accessories for them by joining contests, and win rarer items by winning contests. But that's not all: earn credits through your referral link on your profile and save money on contest entries. You can even transfer credit! Spread the word and reduce your entry.

How Does It Work?

Transparency for a Clearer Picture

See exactly what areas your judges thought your story was stronger or weaker in. If your story is purposefully weaker in some areas, that's not a problem - judges will adjust for that with a bonus category where they can award points for stories that excel in unique narrative approaches or creative elements that wouldn’t be recognised in any of the other categories.

Additional Feedback

To keep entry price low for everyone, written feedback is an optional small cost.

Who Are the Judges?

While we keep our judges' identities private, they include professional editors, magazine chief-editors, and NYCM winners.

Your Feedback

If you opt for written feedback, you will find boxes and a rating system for both your judges. Feedback on judges is easy to give and will help shape future contests.

Side Quests

Weekly Writing Challenges

Side Quests offer weekly writing challenges designed to spark your creativity and get you writing regularly. With new prompts each week, you're sure to find something that inspires you. These challenges are free to enter and a great way to improve your writing skills.

Monthly Mini Contests

In addition to weekly challenges, Side Quests feature a special mini contest once a month. These contests come with more open prompts and offer bigger prizes, including cash, contest credits, and exclusive accessories for your pets. It's the perfect opportunity to test your writing in a more competitive setting.

Feedback and Scoring

After submitting your story to a Side Quest, you'll join a pool of submissions eligible for feedback and scoring. Stories are shown to readers almost at random, prioritizing those with the fewest reads to ensure fair exposure. This feedback loop is crucial for honing your writing based on community input.

One Entry Per Challenge

To ensure that feedback is distributed as widely as possible, participants are limited to one entry per Side Quest. This policy helps maintain a level playing field and guarantees that more writers receive the valuable feedback they need to grow.

Engage and Share

At the end of each week, the top 10 submissions are showcased. Writers have the option to share their stories on the beta forum for additional feedback or simply to celebrate their work with the community. These discussions enrich our understanding of storytelling and foster a supportive writing environment.

Current Challenge:


Description: This week's challenge is to write a tanka. Traditional Japanese tanka poems convey deep and powerful feelings about nature, love or desire. They are written in the first person point of view, using I. A tanka usually consists of five lines with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5-7-7. First Line: 5 syllables Second Line: 7 syllables Third Line: 5 syllables Fourth Line: 7 syllables Fifth Line: 7 syllables Example: Whispering breezes Carry tales of autumn leaves Golden memories Linger in the cool twilight Underneath the harvest moon This challenge encourages you to create a poem using concise and powerful language. The key is in the details – choose each word carefully to convey striking imagery and deep emotions. Experiment, and remember when judging that others are experimenting too.

Word Count: 40

Submission Wizard

Meet the Wizard

Submission Wizard is a community-run tool that helps you track and submit your story after a contest has moved to the judging stage.

Find Magazines

Select a story you've written and online sites that accept the genre you've written will pop up. Choose which ones look right for you, compare their rates, and submit. The Wizard will even generate a cover letter for you.

Track your Submissions

After you submit, update your status and it will go straight into your submission table for you to keep check of, write notes on, and update.

Community Powered

Magazines (online sites for stories) are added by community members. It's a tool for the community, and the community helps to keep them fresh.

Custom Stories

Have stories you want to track that you didn't write for Twist in the Tale? No problem - add custom stories, find mags, and track, just like you would for a story submitted here.